Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday…

Today it is CHAI day CHAI day.
Happy Earth Day!
While I was walking home from My Favorite Place with my arms full of groceries, I could hardly wait to rip into the Chai Bumble Bar I’d just purchased
Despite the anticipation, though, I was momentarily stalled by what I noticed in my cabinets once I walked into my apartment.
Before breaking into that little bar of heaven, I had to take a picture of what I saw:

Above: Numi Rooibos and Golden Chais, Trader Joe’s Rooibos Chai, Vega Vanilla Chai Protein, Theo Chai Tea Chocolate (swoon), Chai Bumble Bar

Needless to say, the bar found a few friends in my pantry. And then I devoured it in all of its chai-spiced goodness.

In other Chai Day news, I fed my addiction with a nice chai latte during my break from work because, clearly, there’s no such thing as too much chai.


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