It’s What I Ate Wednesday: FINALS WEEK EDITION!

I put no effort at all into breakfast. I stuffed an apple and a Clif C bar into my system so that my stomach wouldn’t rumble while I attempted to kill the last of my take-home finals. Don’t judge me for it.

I didn’t even bother to take a picture. I’m a bad blogger. Don’t judge me.

I took a 45 minute break to bike to Whole Foods so that I would actually have something fresh in my poor refrigerator. I ended up nearly forgetting to buy fresh vegetables in the midst of coconut milk ice cream and the ingredients for a recipe that was cookin’ up in my head. Don’t judge.

When I got home, I skipped over the veggies I had just bought and microwaved TJ’s dairy free enchiladas, which I mindlessly topped with some tofu for extra protein. Don’t judge me.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Despite having no energy to prepare myself a proper lunch, I spent 40 minutes cooking up my first original snack bar instead of studying for finals. I have no regrets. (and don’t judge!)

Behold: Coconut-Chai Crispy Rice and Seed Bars
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sweet lord of snacks, these are delicious! The recipe will be up when I have another spare moment (read: tomorrow while I’m avoiding my impending doom via finals)

At around seven, I was feeling completely overwhelmed after studying for six hours straight, so I let myself take another break to go to the gym. Great decision! I was able to get in 4.2 miles, a bit of strength training, and an amazingly relaxing stretch session.

Dinner was a quick massaged kale salad with carrots and tahini dressing + more tofu. (I usually don’t eat much tofu/soy, but I picked up an unreasonably-sized block and need to finish it before I go home for a few days after finals [!!!])
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And, of course, I topped it all off with [too much of] the ever-distracting coconut milk ice cream (of the no sugar added mint chip variety, which is perfectly sweet with crunchy ribbons of chocolatey goodness)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

What did YOU eat?


One thought on “WIAW

  1. >Don't worry about being judged. We all have those days (or weeks…)I'm excited to check back for that Coconut-Chai bar recipe! I love chai-spiced ANYTHING, and after successful Chai Granola and Chai-Spiced Sponge Cake recipes, I'm about to reveal the ultimate…Chai (Nut) Tea Butter! Yum yum yum. :)

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