WIAW: home edition

Being back home has done wonders for my cooking.

Dinnertime is less “let’s saute up whatever vegetables I have in the fridge and call it a meal” and more “ooh! I have people to cook for, let me actually put some effort into this.” It’s fun to remember that I am actually capable of cooking a composed meal that other people will enjoy.

It helps that, on my days off from work, I don’t have much to do (my friends are all still in school), so I can put a lot of time into cooking.

Now, onto the eats.

Before my run, I ate half of a Luna Bar for a bit of fuel.

Afterwards, I enjoyed my favorite green monster combination: Spinach + half an orange + small apple + 1/4 lemon (with peel).  Sadly, the dinky little food processor at my parents house is incapable of pulverizing stuff like my beloved Blendtec, so my smoothies have been much coarser and chewable (appetizing adjective for a drink, eh?)

For lunch I had an open-faced indian-spiced eggplant sandwich with a bit of greek yogurt and some major grey’s chutney.  This. Was. AMAZING. (despite it’s appearance :{ )

Dinner was inspired by Kashi’s Mayan Harvest Bake frozen meal, which is the most original and delicious packaged meal I’ve ever had. I’ll post the recipe for this tomorrow, but it consists of quinoa, spinach, black beans, sweet potato, spicy and slightly sweet tomato sauce, plantains, and pepitas for crunch.

While I’ve been putting a lot more time and effort into cooking in the last couple of days, I obviously haven’t done so for the photographs.  I left my camera in Berkeley and I ought to just use my dad’s, but I’ve been too lazy.  I might bring it back with me after I go back for work this weekend.


2 thoughts on “WIAW: home edition

  1. ahhh that quinoa dish looks perfect! I love everything in/on it! <3 and who doesn't love chewing their smoothies? haha! hope you had fun this WIAW! <3 sorry i'm beyond behind on leaving love but I wanted to stop by and say hiii! <3


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