What I Ate, July 4th Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in this lovely ritual, and it’s about time I make it a habit again.

Breakfast was one of my favorites as of late: A banana scramble.

Made with banana, oat bran, peanut butter, rolled oats, and almond milk

Along with an iced chai latte, made with homemade chai concentrate and almond milk.  DELICIOUS.

Lunch was simple:

A bowl of carrots, tomato hummus, quick pickled radishes (soy+rice wine vinegar), pita, and a pink lady, skinless.

For mom, I made an architecturally constructed sandwich of tempeh, tomatoes, and hummus:

My family has never been the type to partake in the traditional 4th of July fare.  While we’ve enjoyed our fair share of fireworks (and have the black ash stains on our patio to prove it), we don’t go to summer cookouts and the like.  After my dad and I played tennis in the scorching (for the bay area) heat, there was nothing I wanted to do less than turn on the stove.   I’ve been known to complicate even the simplest of meals (Exhibit A), and that’s exactly what I did for our 4th of July dinner.  We set out to have a virtually hassle-free  dinner: salads from the grocery store bar.  While my parents went to the movies, I decided to forgo the salad bar, cringing at the thought of paying 8 dollars per pound for a box full of carrots, tofu, and lettuce yet again.  So, I heated up the kitchen despite the weather, for the sake of an exciting dinner.

They arrived home to a homemade “salad bar” of sorts, chock full of their regular fixings and an assortment of other homemade add-ons. I’m one of those obnoxious people who absolutely loves salad, and this was one for the books.

– Roasted peppers

– Balsamic tofu

– Artichoke hearts

– Beets

– Cherry tomatoes

– Hard-boiled egg

– Olives

– Radishes

– Carrots

– Grilled zucchini

– Grilled fresh corn

– Roasted sweet potatoes

– Leftover lentils and farro

I’ll put my modesty aside to say that this was an absolutely gorgeous spread of food, perfect for a summer night.


6 thoughts on “What I Ate, July 4th Edition

  1. Your eats look RIGHT up my alley!! The banana scramble looks perfect and I’m so glad you’re enjoying them. Your header is completely adorable. Thanks for linking :)

  2. What an amazing summery spread! I love that you’re the cook of your house. I love to cook and if onllly my family would let me cook for them. That would be fun. Someday!

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