Cashew Cheese

I shudder at the thought of eating most storebought vegan cheeses, particularly the kinds that try to imitate the texture and meltyness.  As a general rule, I stick to vegan cheesy products that I can prepare myself (tofu ricotta/chevre, cashew cheese, walnut parmesan)

This is a recipe I’ve had bookmarked for months now.  I ended up making two versions, and they definitely didn’t disappoint.  One was the original, flavored with liquid smoke.  In the second, I omitted the liquid smoke and instead included a couple pinches of dill.  They were both delicious on crackers and pizza, or warmed up inside a toasty torta roll.

When I was flipping through these photos on my computer, I realized how similar the smoked cheese looked to the babybel wax-encased gouda I ate as a kid.  The stripe of smoked paprika garnishing the wheel of “cheese” must have been a subconscious nod to my childhood love for the stuff.  When I think about it, though, the cheese in itself wasn’t all that great.  It was just so fun to tear out that center strip of wax and, subsequently, roll the wax into balls and have fights with my older brother using the little red pellets.   (Sidenote: my brother is far from vegan, but he was surprisingly willing to try a slice of this.  The first thing he said was, “how does it taste so cheesy?”.)

Since I’m a devoted lover of vegan pizza, here’s one I made using this cheese.  Topped with smoky cashew cheese, fresh corn, mushrooms, and tempeh. So great.


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